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Women an politics in Sierra Leone

30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone) from Anna Cady on Vimeo.

This film is a collaborative piece of work – made by Anna Cady (artist) Em Cooper (animator) and Jenny Cuffe (radio journalist) commissioned by Pathways for Women’s Empowerment and Screen South.

In this film three passionate women tell stories of kidnap, corruption and secret societies as they fight to improve the position of women in politics in Sierra Leone. Oil painted animation and live action present issues of gender and politics as compelling and thought provoking viewing. Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2013

Palmoil-protest in Sierra Leone

The belgian-luxembourgian Socfin-group is planting 65 square-kilometer for palmoil plantations  for export to Europe, for food, cosmetics and biodiesel. In Pujehun in the southeast of Sierra Leone the government of Sierra Leone leased this area for at least 50 years. 24 villages are fighting for their land rights to continue with their traditional agriculture and secure their livelihood. These 24 villages formed a group called MALOA to improve their rights, but they are facing violence…

To sign the protest please visit:

PATSL monthly social gathering (STAMMTISCH)

The platform is slowly growing and each year we want to achieve our big plans.  This comes along with a big load of administrative work. To simplify this work we established a monthly social gathering and get things done together in a comfortable environment.

this includes:

  • discuss and plan activities
  • collect and create informations for our Newsletters
  • update our homepage and Facebook profile
  • and of course sitting together with friends, play games and have fun afterwards.

The social gathering always takes place on the first friday of  the month, hopefully at the same place and same time.

The venue for the first social gathering is Cafe Sperlhof (Große Sperlgasse 41, 1020 Wien) at Friday1st November 2013 at 8 pm.

SMS Newsletter

Dear PATSL members,

To improve our communication we established a SMS-Newsletter to inform and remind you about our upcoming events. To send a newsletter simply reaches most of our members immediately and don’t requires frequent Internet-access. We hope that this SMS-Newsletter is in your interest and helps you to be informed about our activities.

If you don’t want to receive further SMS-Newsletters please simply reply an SMS with your name and STOP.

Driving licence game

You Have to Play a Board Game Before You Can Get a Driver’s License in Sierra Leone. A new policy in Sierra Leone states that rookies on the streets of Sierra Leone have to play a boardgame to understand the rules. This way you don’t have to read any manuals! Let’s hope that the number of accidents decrease in the rough reality on Sierra Leone’s roads.

read the full article here!

Sierra Leone Independence Celebration

The Sierra Leone Union in Vienna is celebrating the 52nd Independence Day of Sierra Leone.

Enjoy the party with traditional food and music from Sierra Leone in the Donaukirche (Donaucitystrasse 2, 1200 Wien).

Entrance: 5 €



We are hoping that the Summer will return soon and we are going to plan a hike in the surroundings of Vienna! In case the weather is too bad or a conflicting schedule, we selected two possible dates, the 22nd of June or 29th of June. Under following Doodle link - – you can select your preferred date.
Details about the venue, journey and daily schedule will follow in June.
Unfortunately we can not take part at the UTE BOCK CUP on the 2nd of June.
As a substitute we can meet for a picnic and play just for fun, but therefore we need your help to suggest a place. If you know a nice football field please organize it or suggest a public place and send an email to
Otherwise we scheduled another football tournament in July.