Outcome of the General Assembly 2014

On the 8th of November PATSL had its yearly general assembly and planned our new activities.

But, before we continue we want to point out the tremendous situation in Sierra Leone and its neighboring countries caused by the ebola outbreak. Currently we are working on a press release and call for actions of the international cooperation to defeat the ebola outbreak and its social and economic aftereffects.

“We try to reach the sky and if we fall we still reach the mountain top.” This was our motto to plan our new activities. In the past year we planned a large number of activities where some kinda got lost but we also had some activities with great success. For our new PATSL-membership year we planned less fixed acitivities to be able to be more efficient and meet the interest of PATSL-members. So here is a rough overview about our new activities where we have something for every season.

29. November: Christmas market | organized by Walther
20. December: X-Mas Party with the Sierra Leonean Union at Adolf Schärf Heim |PATSL support

February: Fasching | organized by Aram and Paul
April/May: Sierra Leone’s Independence Day celebration

July/June: Sierra Leone Outing and picknick
August: Hike | organized by Tobias

September: Cooking Sierra Leonean and Austrian cuisine | organized by Paul
October: General Assembly

For detailed information please visit our PATSL event calendar and we try to inform you as good as possible via email and sms newsletters.

Futher we planned a number of activities, which are not fixed yet. If you are interested to take over the organization of one activity you are warmly welcome. Some ideas for additional activities: Ice-skating, sleigh riding, Africa in Vienna tour with Walter Sauer, trips upcountry to visit everything from Vorarlberg till Waldviertel, …

To reflect and plan our activities we will have four meetings on the second Saturday in January, March, June and September. This meetings will take place at different venues organized by members.

Throughout the year we will also suggest you several activities organized by other organizations. You will find them on our homepage and our facebook account.

The Platform Austria Sierra Leone is looking forward to spend some wonderful times together with its members.