Safer Future in action against ebola

We are proud of Safer Future and their actions in the fight against ebola. Safer Future is a strong partner in the cooperations between Sierra Leone and Austria and can reach a lot as national acting NGO.

awoko: Freetown January 15, 2015

Sierra Leone News: Safer Future unearths Ebola victims at Allen Town

A non-governmental organization, ‘Safer Future’ has helped in bringing out several ebola patients from their homes at Allen Town. The Executive Director Idrissa Sahid Kamara told Awoko that they embarked on a massive sensitization drive recently, which saw many Ebola victims being rescued from their houses, where they were suffering, hiding and were afraid to come out.

He disclosed that the patients were immediately assisted by the organization to get to hospital for treatment and some of them had already been discharged. The Safer Future boss said that it was very important to use community people on Ebola response activities, so that they will be able to interact easily and get more results than using strangers who do not know the area. Idrissa Kamara said the reason for coming up with the idea was to stem the flow of victims and to help cut the chain of transmission by continuous awareness-raising and to ensure they refrain from traditional practices. The group which is made up of mainly youths in the Allen Town community and the Safer Future organization was able to go round the entire Allen Town community (both upper and lower) to ensure that they carry the message for hope against Ebola to every household. The Safer Future executive Director said that though a lot of sensitization had been done, by different groups, yet some people still cling to their traditional beliefs and continue to wash dead bodies, public gathering and other forms of activities which encourages the spread of Ebola.
He also stated that since his organization has been involve in W.A.S.H activities, “We will ensure that we disinfect all schools and will try to help less-privileged children who have lost their parents after the Ebola scourge is over”.
The spokesman for the youths and Chairman of Allen Town youths, said the venture taken by Safer Future to collaborate with them is laudable and they will continue to work in the interest of their community and the country as a whole.
He also expressed thanks to the community for their co-operation